Create Professional Ecommerce Stores On Your Smart Phone Without Coding In Just 10 Minute + Get Massive Free Buyers Everyday

All the professional ecommerce stores you are looking at above was created with a smart phone within ten minute by business owners that got my CSOM 3 step mobile friendly video course few days ago

Even if you are a complete beginner, you can do this yourself

 Without any Coding

 Without hiring a web designer

 Without buying web hosting or domain

 Without spending any extra expenses

From the Desk of Elabor Godfrey; CEO Elabnet Innovation, Nigeria's Top Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Expert, Entrepreneur, Online business coach, Importer, Awesome husband and Super Dad.

I have taught thousands of people how to get legitimate revenue from the internet.



Over the last few months, we have seen some crazy changes in the world.



The entire world was in a lockdown.




People were rarely leaving their homes.




Millions of people are affected and the numbers are still growing.



This terrible virus has got all of us in a crazy situation and it will take a while before it gets better.




BUT - while people can’t go out to buy stuff for themselves.... 



The things they want to buy are coming to them...


Yes Online Shopping Is... Booming Right Now

Top Online stores are hiring more workers just to be able to fulfill the orders they are getting. 
It’s not just the top online stores - every online Mega and mini Stores in the world is getting more and more sales every single day.
Since lots of people are trying to avoid crowds - most online Stores are getting 10x more sales now.
If there was a time to start an online Store or help people to build one for a fee…


That is why I created this simple mobile friendly CSOM video course


A 3 step video course that will teach you how to create profession ecommerce stores 
with your mobile phone in 10 minutes


Imagine creating beautiful professional ecommerce stores on the smart phone you are holding right now without any limitation.


You can create as many stores as you want for your yourself with your phone within 10 minutes 


Or even create stores for clients that have no online store and charge them a fee for it


YES- that is exactly what you will be doing if you make the right decision to get this course right now


Because I will be showing you all the simple 3 steps in a video that you can watch right now on your phone



First of it’s kind - there has never been anything like this before…



If you get this CSOM 3 step video course right now, in the next 30 minute after watching the video on you phone, you will be able to create your first professional ecommerce store to get massive sales of your products or services with free buyers


The best part about this store is that, you will get instant order notification on your whatsapp once you get an order

You will be able to access all your orders and customer details right from your whatspp.


You can use this CSOM video course to create a store that will allow you to SELL-




              Virtual products 


Lots of businesses are coming online right now

Even those that sale Dried fish, Crayfish, Ogbono and Vegetable are not left out.

Just as you can see below


The above Ecommerce store was created on a phone by one of my student who bought my CSOM course online, she is even an older lady, she sells Dried fish, Crayfish, Vegetable, Ogbono E.T.C


If she can do it on her phone then...


What is stopping you from creating stores for yourself or become the go-to-person

that build online stores for all those shop owners

and product sellers in your area.


Don't worry I will show you how to get clients online and offline from your area

in the CSOM video course


Is very simple....


Take the pictures of their products or ask them to send it if you got the client online, charge them a
fee then create a professional beautiful store for them in
10 minutes


Then show them how to upload products, price and details so they can do it themselves subsequently


Don't know how to start, don't worry, In the CSOM video course I will teach you 

everything you need to know


Samething I taught Seyi and he was able to get a customer in his area
who sells cars and he opened an online store for him for 50k.

Look at the store below....

Testimonial from Seyi

What are you waiting for?

Let me show you how to do this in a simple 3 step mobile friendly video course that can help you create stores for yourself
or clients with your phone within 10 minute

Its a step by step video training divided into 3 steps.  


The videos are easy and straight to the point, no 'perambulating.' It is do this, do that, click this and click that, so easy like that.


Step 1: How To Create Store On Your Phone Within 10 Minute


Step 2: How to Add Payment Method and POD to your store


Step 3: How To Get Buyers and Buyer details on Whatsapp

You too can start creating professional ecommerce Stores like the one you see on this page with your mobile
phone in the next few minutes





Before we proceed Let me tell you something...


Even though the video is easy and detailed enough that a beginner can do this without any help after watching the video.

I still did not just teach step by step procedure in the video and leave you alone without additional support.

One of the many things that helped other student succeed quickly is the level of support I provide and this has been a major contribution to the success of my students. 

Every one that get the video course have access to my personal whatsapp number for further support




 If I charge you N15,000 for this video course then is a better deal because what you will gain from this video course will help you:-

 Learn a skill that will stick with you forever 

Create stores for yourself or client and charge them fees 

Learn how to get massive buyers to your products and services for free


Just one client can put good profit in your pocket

Just like Seyi Who made 50k from just one client for an ecommerce store he created in just 10 minute

Imagine how profitable this can be for you when you start getting clients


But you won't pay N15,000..... 


How about I charge N10,000........ No I won't charge that amount right now 


Rather I will charge you just N1000 For Today Only

Here Is How To Get The

3 Step CSOM Mobile Friendly Video Course

Pay the Sum Of N1000 to the following bank account details below.


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank 

Account Name: Elabor Godfrey 

Account Number: 001 765 0749


Note: After payment: pick up your phone and text or message me via Whatsapp with the following details "CSOM" your name and email address to 08066047640


Once I receive your details the video course will be sent to your email.

Incase you want to access it instantly after payment

You can Securely pay Via Paystack. Just Click the Image below 


NOTE- The N1000 price is just for TODAY ONLY, if you come to this page tomorrow the price might have gone back to it original price of N15,000


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