Learn How To Start Doing Big Figures In Ecommerce Business By Getting 50k, 100k or 200k On Just One Imported Item




How To Get Customers On Facebook With Just 1000 to 2500 Weekly Advert Spend Without Getting Ban 


and If this doesn't happen in 7 days, You'll Get ₦9,987 cash from me.


Before You Proceed Watch this 3 Minute Video First.


WAIT! Top Nigerian Digital Marketer Godfrey Elabor Swears Under Qath and Declares 

...Report Me to EFCC if H.T.E.P fails you and you don't get N9,987.

No jokes, I'm serious! 


Godfrey Elabor is a bankable Digital marketer with over 10 years experience and he is very honest.

What he teach is what he is actively into not some cock and bull stories.

My life and business has been transformed ever since after implementing what he taught me....

Mr Leo- CEO & Founder at Leonoms Gadget Phactory

Wait! My Ecommerce Journey Didn't Just Start Today, Am not your regular one hit wonder Ecommerce seller who Just became lucky with an ecommerce product.

As at 2015 and 2016 I was already doing over one million naira on Konga and Jumia

Let's face the truth! 

With the way your are doing ecommerce business right now can you do 100k to 200k pure profit from just one order?

Yes I mean it, from just one single successful sale excluding all expenses and miscellaneous can you do 100k to 200k pure profit.

Even if you can, can you do it fast like getting the product today and selling it within 24hrs to 7 days max with your highest advert spent on one product for one week pegged at N2500..

Stop overthinking it, right now you might not be able to do it but with H.T.E.P Products and my simple facebook advert combo hook that am going to put in your hands, you can do it and even do much more.


Selling top selling products is not the answer, because before a products becomes top seller it means someone has sold the products like crazy, milk all the profit then deliver the information to you as top selling.


When you try to sell it, you burn all you money on advert with little or no sales, even when you make sales and eventually calculate the amount you use for advert, deliveries and product price, you discover you are already running at loss.

Most times you don't even make any sale because several other people are selling this "so called top selling products" and when you check the cheap price they are selling it you wonder if they even truly import the products.

Because their selling price is your own purchase price.

Everytime you are always competing with these "top seller product" geng

Ain't you tired of all this struggles and competition, a top selling product that you just import and excited to sell at 10k is what another person is selling at 3k, then you begin to wonder "if village people are after you"


Picture this scenerio A-

Top seller products geng- You got list of top selling products just like the goros advice you to do, you import 50pcs of one of the products, place adverts on facebook hoping to make sales, you woke up the next day to see that "your facebook ads account has been ban"

Even when you make hand to mouth sales and calculate your profit minus expenses you are already at loss.



Picture this scenerio B-

Selling H.T.E.P products- You import just one item, Remember just one single item, place advert using my facebook combo hook with no worries about facebook advert ban, within 24hrs or at worst 7 days you made a sale, deliver at ease with my sure delivery partner that has been doing deliveries since 1973 and get 100k to 200k profit.

When I say profit, I mean 100k to 200k pure profit on just one item excluding delivery, product price and miscellaneous, 

But you won't even be selling only one item per week, you will sell 5 or even 10 in a week without fear of facebook ban.

How much profit will that be in a week? calculate that and see for yourself.


So which of the scenerio will you prefer, B of course...


That is how to do big figures on ecommerce business.


Don't be scared you don't even need big money to buy this H.T.E.P products


The truth is- most of the things the goros told you about "Ecommerce Business In Nigeria" are lies?

Yes most of them are lies.  Godfrey Elabor Say so...

The reason you haven't seen success and huge profit is because you have not been given the "full details" when it comes to doing big figures in Ecommerce business.

The TRUTH is only 3% of Nigeria mini importers make over 90% profit from Ecommerce business and the reason you haven't been successful is because those 3% don't want to share the REAL secrets of Ecommerce business with you.

Most of these "Goros" fiying around with top selling products or sell products in bulk campaign do not make money doing the things they teach, they make money from selling "how to do it" products to you.

That's it


So, if you're not making the kind of money that you thought you would

It's NOT your fault

You're not doing anything wrong,

You just haven't been given the right and REAL info to doing big figures in Ecommerce business


The real info to doing Mighty figures in Ecommerce business is a PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL


A proven business model that have been tested overtime and it works everytime.

Selling H.T.E.P products is a proven business model that I have tested and perfected over time.

Over the past seven years since I started mini importation business, I have empowered Thousands of Nigerians to be self dependant by teaching them how to start profitable ecommerce business.


Selling H.T.E.P products will give you an edge over other mini importers because you don't need the following-

1. You Don't Need any Office to start

2. You can start With Little Capital 

3. You don't need to ship any item from China (H.T.E.P products  are quality items with high standard)

4. You can start this ecoomerce business today in your home at the comfort of your bedroom

5. You will receive all your imported items at your door step

6. You don't need to register any Business name to start

7. You don't need to have any current account to start, your normal savings account is ok

8. You don't have to be a computer guru or specialist to start, this is a very simple method

9. You don't need to visit any custom office or have anything to do with custom

10. You don't need to pay for goods with your ATM online


You will agree with me that Pay on delivery and "I will get back to you" GENG are hurting your Ecommerce business right now because you are not selling H.T.E.P products.

They will order your product, when you call to deliver they will tell you they are out of town, meanwhile they are right there in that address but don't want to accept delivery.

With H.T.E.P product, your buyers are the ones that will keep disturbing you with calls to deliver.

Infact when you ship the item to them, they monitor it like a baby till they receive it because this is something they so much desire.

After getting the item they will even call you to say thank you, They will brag about your product and refer others to you.

Because of the value they get from H.T.E.P products, they always look forward to receiving it when they order for it.

Look at this latest H.T.E.P product l ordered recenty from SOUTHAMPTON - UK

Within 5 days it was delivered to me right here in Nigeria and the buyer paid 155k for a product l bought for 15k

See the shipping details here
Check the shipping details and you will see that is just one piece of item, that is what am talking about, just one small item but big profit.
To do over a million all you need to do is sell just ten pieces and this can be achieved with my facebook advert combo hook, an advert method that will not give you High BP because you can never get Ban by using this facebook advert combo hook method. 
Your time of struggling and endless chasing of customers to come and buy your products is over if only you will implement this H.T.E.P product method today.

 You have nothing to lose so no need to fear

If after 7 days you implement it and did not make atleast 50k on just one item I will refund N9,987 to you and even tell you sorry for wasting your time.

Forget About Selling Hot Products! 

I swear to you that Selling H.T.E.P Product Plus My Facebook Advert combo hook will help you make big figures from Ecommerce in 7 days.

See why 487 mini importers like you prefers to sell H.T.E.P Ecommerce products than any other products

 Sell just one item and get big figures 

 Just one sale put good Kesh in your pocket

 Reliable buyers that can't wait to get your product

 Reliable Nationwide Delivery partner 

 Enough capital to import/buy more products 

 Sell multiple item and still run at loss

 Bulk sales but still broke and in debt

 Pay on delivery and I will get back to you GENG

 Expensive and unreliable delivery agent

 Capital and profit spent on deliveries and expenses 


Argue it or not, there has never been a Faster way to get big figures from Ecommerce Business in Nigeria.

From the Desk of Elabor Godfrey; CEO Elabnet Innovation, Nigeria's Top Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Expert, Entrepreneur, Online business coach, Importer, Awesome husband and Super Dad.

I have taught thousands of people how to get legitimate revenue from the internet.


Dear Friend, 

How long do you want to keep struggling and making peanuts in Ecommerce Business,

Suffer no dey taya you...

This is 2021 how long do you want to keep suffering and smiling

You sef no wan make big money..

Those that are making big money from Ecommerce business don't have two heads, they just have informtion that you don't have...

And that information is exactly what I want to put in your hands right here and now....

Let me teach you how to implement selling H.T.E.P products and in 7 days....if it fails, I give you N9,987.

Its a step by step video training divided into four Parts.  



The videos are easy and straight to the point, no 'parambulating.' It is do this, do that, click this and click that, so easy like that.


Part 1: How to get started with selling H.T.E.P products

Part 2: The exact platform to get H.T.E.P products

Part 3: How to setup facebook advert combo hook 

Part 4: Deliveries and how to scale and make more bigger figures


More Testimonials 


Before we proceed Let me tell you something....

There are lots of people parading on the internet as Ecommerce business experts who sell video course or claim to teach Ecommerce business while in real life most of them haven't imported one piece of item before and what happens when this set of people teach you Ecommerce business? your guess is as good as mine...


 I did not just teach step by step procedure to take in this H.T.E.P Ecommerce business model and leave you alone without additional support. One of the many things that distinguish me from others is the level of support I provide and this has been a major contribution to the success of my proteges. 


 If I charge you N25,000 for this course then is a better deal because what you will gain from this video course will end all your:-


 Eccommerce Struggles

 Delivery Issues

 Debt and facebook Ads wahala


Just one product sales will put good profit in your pocket and remember all this can be done right from your home without renting an office.


But you won't pay N25,000.....


How about I charge N15,000........ No I won't charge that amount right now


Rather I will charge just N9,987 for today only


Here Is How To Get The H.T.E.P Video Course

Just follow the instructions below


Pay the Sum Of N9,987 to the following bank account details below.


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank 

Account Name: Elabor Godfrey 

Account Number: 001 765 0741


Note: After payment: pick up your phone and text or message me via Whatsapp with the following details "HTEP" your name and email address to 08066047640


Once I receive your details the video course will be sent to your email.

Incase you want to access it instantly after payment

You can Securely pay Via Paystack. Just Click the button below 

The N9,987 price is just for today only, if you come to this page tomorrow the price might have gone up so take action now and take this life changing offer

Today's Bonus 

Note- This bonus is only Available For Today

To further help you and make sure you succeed and get big figures faster I will give you this wonderful bonus that help me reduce pay on delivery orders rate by 60% everyday.

As you are reading this page right now there is an App on your phone that you can use to make your buyers pay upfront for your Products, you might not be aware but I will show you the App and how to use it.

I use this wonderful App everyday for my pay on delivery customers and it works like magic, I always get between six to eight out of ten to pay me upfront after using this method.

If you get this H.T.E.P course right now I will give you a link to download my five minute video where I explain how to use this App to get customers to pay you upfront, this will help you reduce your pay on delivery orders and help you get more customers to pay your upfront.

This method works like magic and is very simple, because your buyers want H.T.E.P product as fast as possible they will gladly pay upfront after using this method.


By tomorrow this bonus will be gone so

Pay the Sum Of N9,987 to the following bank account details below NOW.


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank 

Account Name: Elabor Godfrey 

Account Number: 001 765 0741


Note: After payment: pick up your phone and text or message me via Whatsapp with the following details "HTEP" your name and email address to 08066047640


Once I receive your details the video course will be sent to your email.

Incase you want to access it instantly after payment

You can Securely pay Via Paystack. Just Click the button below 

The N9,987 price is just for today only, if you come to this page tomorrow the price might have gone up so take action now and take this life changing offer

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